About me

Hi, my name is Osman S Börütecene. I use Borutecene instead of Börütecene on most social platforms in order to avoid confusion and to make search easier on the net. It is very easy for Italians to pronounce.

I studied sociology though I have read more about psychology and philosophy since my childhood. I am a part time lecturer at Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communication. My area of concentration is human capacity, cognition, perception and creativity. Moreover, I do counseling about it, both personal and corporate. While doing that I use buzzwords like innovation and leadership. I even use the word ‘coaching’. So there.

My primary concern is the boundaries of education and communication. I am upset with human intelligence and psyche. I am in search of ways to improve education on all fronts.

This is an unfinished ‘about me’ section. So please check back. Meanwhile, here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/osman and you can contact me via this form: